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Evergy warns of latest scam targeting customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (August 14, 2023) — Evergy customers should know about the latest scam targeting people trying to establish service or pay their Evergy bill.  

Scammers are targeting customers who use a search engine to find how to contact Evergy. Customers who use search terms such as “pay Evergy,” “Evergy bill,” “Evergy electric” or similar search terms are then shown ads with several fake websites and phone numbers to call, where a scammer is waiting on the other end to take their personal and credit card information.  

Customers who come across sites like these should report the ads to the search engine and to Evergy

As scammers increasingly target utility customers, there are a few steps customers can take. 

  • Don't assume the information on your caller ID is always accurate.
  • Never give out personal/financial information over the phone unless you know for a fact with whom you are dealing.
  • Don't hesitate to hang up the phone and contact us. 
  • Always ensure you are paying your bill through the legitimate Evergy website. 

Customers can go to Evergy’s website to see how to identify and report the most common utility scams


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