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Evergy builds largest Solar Subscription installation in Missouri
10 MW solar array at Hawthorn power plant includes more than 22,000 panels

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – March 6, 2022 – Evergy announced today that its Hawthorn power plant is now home to 10 megawatts (MW) of new solar energy. From the array, 5 MW will serve customers who selected to participate in Evergy’s Solar Subscription program, an additional megawatt will serve participants in an income-qualified subscription program for Missouri customers and the remaining 4 MW will serve all Evergy Missouri customers. In the future, the 4 MW will transition to the future needs of Missouri West and Missouri Metro Solar Subscription participants to meet demand for future customer enrollment in the program.

“Using Hawthorn’s existing land and infrastructure provided Evergy the opportunity to construct one of the most cost-effective and the largest solar subscription facilities in Missouri,” said Chuck Caisley, Evergy senior vice president and chief customer officer. “Customers will benefit from these savings for years to come through access to economic local renewable generation.” 

The new solar array sits on 67 acres to the northwest of the Hawthorn plant in northeast Kansas City, Mo. The site includes more than 22,000 solar panels and is the largest solar subscription array in Missouri.  Annually, the array will produce nearly 21,000 MWh of solar energy. 

Over half of the renewable energy produced onsite is available to customers who enroll in Evergy’s Solar Subscription program, which is available to Kansas Metro, Missouri Metro, and Missouri West customers. Nearly 1,500 Evergy customers have subscribed to energy from the solar array through Solar Subscription to date. Additional customers can subscribe to the program on 

Evergy is committed to investing in renewable energy for a sustainable future. About half the energy Evergy produces comes from carbon-free sources, including about a third from renewable energy sources.

About Evergy, Inc.
Evergy, Inc. (NYSE: EVRG), serves 1.7 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. Evergy’s mission is to empower a better future. Our focus remains on producing, transmitting and delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for the benefit of our stakeholders. Today, about half of Evergy’s power comes from carbon-free sources, creating more reliable energy with less impact to the environment. We value innovation and adaptability to give our customers better ways to manage their energy use, to create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees, and to add value for our investors. Headquartered in Kansas City, our employees are active members of the communities we serve.

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