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Evergy Recognizes Utility Scam Awareness Day

Kansas City, MO – Nov. 15, 2023 – Evergy is proud to join United Utilities Against Scams to recognize today as Utility Scam Awareness Day, Wednesday, November 15, 2023.

The Federal Trade Commission reports scammers used phone, in-person, and online tactics to cheat customers out of more than $8 billion nationwide last year.

Recently, Evergy customers were targeted through scammers using a fake website, a fake phone number, and even impersonating an Evergy employee in person. Customers have also reported scams offering a discount if customers use a specified “payment service.” Under Kansas and Missouri laws, Evergy is not allowed to offer a discount as prices are set by the state commissions.

On Utility Scam Awareness Day, here are some additional attempted scams and ways customers can protect themselves:

  • Fake Websites - Watch for fraudulent websites that look similar to Evergy’s.  Always ensure you are paying your bill through the Evergy website at
  • Fake Caller ID Displays - Never give out personal/financial information over the phone if you’re unsure who you’re speaking to. You can verify account information online or by calling the Evergy Customer Contact Center (in the Evergy Metro and Evergy Missouri West area, 1-888-471-5275; in Evergy Kansas Central, 1-800-383-1183).
  • Disconnection Threats - Beware of threats to disconnect utility service if you don’t provide immediate payment. Evergy will not shut off service without multiple notifications.
  • Gift cards & third-party payment apps - Evergy will never call or send someone to a residence or business asking customers to pay via a third-party payment apps like Cash App, Venmo, or Zelle, nor will ask customers to pay with gift cards.
  • In-person impersonators – Verify the person is with Evergy by asking to see company identification or by calling the numbers listed above before giving them any information (credit card, debit card, Social Security, Evergy account number, checking or savings account numbers). Evergy workers will also always be driving a clearly labeled company vehicle.

If you have encountered suspicious activity or an attempted scam, contact Evergy directly and immediately. Suspicious activity should also be reported to local law enforcement. More information on scams, including reporting fraudulent calls, can be found here.