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Evergy readies power system ahead of frigid forecast

KANSAS CITY, MO., Thursday, January 11, 2024 – With bitter cold temperatures moving into the region this weekend, Evergy has taken steps to meet high energy demand and has crews prepared in case of power outages.

“Evergy begins preparing for winter weather immediately as the summer season ends to ensure we can serve our customers,” said Kevin Bryant, Evergy Chief Operating Officer. “Customer demand will be high this weekend, and our team is working around the clock to manage our power plants and the power delivery system to ensure people can keep their lights and their heat on.”

Power plant teams take cold weather precautions

In extreme weather, having diverse ways to produce power helps ensure Evergy can meet customers’ electricity needs. This winter we increased our storage levels of fuel oil and coal compared with previous winter weather events, such as 2021’s Storm Uri. We’ve also increased our ability to transport more firm natural gas. Evergy power plants will have extra staff available for cold-weather operations, taking steps such as keeping coal reserves from freezing, preventing ice from blocking water intakes for steam units and monitoring renewable generation sites for icing.

Evergy also has added generation resources to serve customers. In 2023, Evergy acquired Persimmon Creek Wind Farm, in northwest Oklahoma, and power produced at Jeffrey Energy Center, north of St. Marys, Kan., now fully serves Evergy customers.

Evergy is also a member of the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), which coordinates the regional transmission grid and power market for much of the Midwest. The SPP has issued a Resource Advisory and a Weather Advisory for parts of the weekend and next week. These advisories alert SPP member utilities to anticipated high levels of power demand and extreme weather. The SPP may ask utilities to institute practices that help ensure generation and transmission facilities are available and members are coordinating to meet customers’ needs.

Teams monitor system 24/7

Evergy’s transmission and distribution team will monitor system operations and have crews prepared if power outages occur. Seasonal maintenance performed during fall and spring helps keep power lines available in times of high demand. Grid modernization, including devices that help monitor for signs of equipment wear help warn of needed repairs and allow for predictive maintenance, helps reduce outages and provides information that can make isolating and repairing an outage faster. Still, freezing temperatures will put a strain on mechanical equipment and could result in a malfunction that causes a power outage. Operators are monitoring our system around the clock, and crews will be ready to repair any outages.

How customers can save

Cold temperatures often mean increased energy use for customers. Customers can also take steps to save energy during the bitter cold weather.

  • Turn thermostats a little cooler (65-68 degrees).
  • Avoid the use of electric space heaters when possible. If a space heater is used, follow any safety instructions and make sure it’s never left unattended.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances in your home.
  • Use windows and window coverings to your advantage by opening curtains when the sun is shining in but closing them at other times.

Cold Weather Rule reminder

Evergy does not disconnect customers for nonpayment when temperatures are below cold weather rule thresholds, which are 35 degrees in Kansas and 32 degrees in Missouri. Customers who are behind on their bill can find information about financial assistance at

About Evergy

Evergy, Inc. (NASDAQ: EVRG), serves 1.7 million customers in Kansas and Missouri. Evergy’s mission is to empower a better future. Our focus remains on producing, transmitting and delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy for the benefit of our stakeholders. Today, about half of Evergy’s power comes from carbon-free sources, creating more reliable energy with less impact to the environment. We value innovation and adaptability to give our customers better ways to manage their energy use, to create a safe, diverse and inclusive workplace for our employees, and to add value for our investors. Headquartered in Kansas City, our employees are active members of the communities we serve.

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