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Evergy prepared for severe weather; encourages storm preparation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – April 25, 2024 – Severe weather will be moving through Evergy’s service area across both Kansas and Missouri over the next few days and into the weekend. Our operations teams are closely monitoring the forecast and will assess and update response plans. Evergy crews are prepared, and we will bring in additional crews if needed. 

Evergy customers can also take these steps to prepare for storms:  

  • Download Evergy’s mobile app to easily report and track outages. The app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 
  • Monitor weather conditions in your area for potential storms.  
  • Assemble an emergency kit for your home, workplace and vehicle in an easy-to-carry container or bag stocked with: 
    • Water  
    • Non-perishable food 
    • Prescription medications 
    • Fresh batteries 
    • Battery-powered radio 
    • Flashlight 
    • First aid kit 
    • Cell phone charger or power bank   
  • Keep cell phones and other necessary electronics charged. 
  • Fill up your vehicle with gas ahead of time. 
  • Establish a shelter plan with your family, so everyone knows where to go in the event of severe weather. 
  • If you have family, friends or neighbors who live alone or are elderly, establish a communication plan to check on their wellbeing. 
  • Don’t venture out if you don’t need to. However, if you know it’s not safe for you or another member of your household to wait for power to be restored, have a plan to go someplace safe. 
  • If you rely on electronic medical equipment, have a plan in case a large storm causes extended outages. Enrollment in the Evergy medical customer program can provide additional communication during storms. 
  • If tree limbs are touching or near power lines, don’t come into contact with them. Being in contact with a tree limb that touches a power line could result in severe injury or even be fatal. Downed trees are a primary cause of outages during storms. 

Customers can report or confirm outages at or call the company. Kansas residents served by Evergy Kansas Central can call 800-LIGHT KS (800-544-4857). Customers in the Kansas CIty metro area and Missouri can call 888-LIGHT-KC (888-544-4852). You can also track outages via Evergy’s outage map. To view a complete list of severe weather safety tips, please visit Evergy’s severe weather safety website. 

Evergy preparation 
Evergy monitors weather conditions and staffs crews accordingly, so we’re ready to respond to outages as quickly as we safely can. Depending on the severity of the forecast, we may request additional assistance before the weather arrives. Our tree trimming program also works throughout the year to keep tree limbs cut away from power lines, which helps reduce outages during severe weather.