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Evergy Encourages Mylar Balloon Safety this Graduation Season

Mylar Balloons Are Dangerous Near Power Lines 

Kansas City, MO - May 6, 2024 - Graduation season is here. Evergy wants customers to celebrate safely, especially when it comes to mylar balloons. 

Mylar balloons cause tens of thousands of power outages per year across the country. The silvery coating on their exterior serves as a conductor for electricity, and the balloons can short out transformers and melt wires by coming near or contacting power lines. 

If you’re going to have mylar balloons outside, here are a few balloon safety tips: 

  • Avoid celebrating with metallic balloons near overhead electric lines. 
  • Securely tie helium-filled metallic balloons to a weight that is heavy enough to prevent them from floating away. Do not remove the weight until the balloons are deflated. 
  • Never release them into the sky. Puncture and deflate them when you are done with them.  
  • Never try to retrieve them if they become stuck in or near a power line. Call Evergy to report the problem:  888-LIGHT-KC (888-544-4852) in Missouri and  800-LIGHT-KS (800-544-4857
  • If you come across a downed power line, call 911 right away then call Evergy. 

Consider alternative ways to celebrate graduations and other holiday events that don’t involve mylar balloons.