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Evergy Offers Tips to Save Energy During Summer Heat

Kansas City, MO – June 11, 2024 - Summer has arrived, and it will bring high temperatures this week. High heat can cause air conditioners to work overtime trying to keep up. Evergy wants to remind customers about ways to save energy and save money this season.

  • Adjust your air conditioner. Raising your AC by as little as 3-5 degrees can have an impact on your energy usage. 
  • Change your HVAC filters. Changing filters every three months will keep air flowing properly and help your furnace and air conditioner work at peak efficiency. 
  • Service your HVAC. Having your unit serviced ensures it's working efficiently.
  • Install a smart thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature when nobody’s home. 
  • Close your blinds, shades, or curtains to block sunlight during the hottest part of the day – especially for south- or west-facing windows. About 25 percent of a home’s energy is lost through windows.
  • Turn ceiling fans counterclockwise to push cool air down. Remember to turn them off when you leave the room; fans cool people, not rooms.
  • Exterior Doors – Keep cool air from heading out the door. 
    • Add weatherstripping inside door frames.
    • Attach a door seal to the bottom of the door.
    • Place a draft stopper to block gaps at the threshold.
  • Cook with small appliances. Ovens release heat that makes it harder to keep your home cool. When it’s hot, try cooking with appliances that use less energy, like your microwave or air fryer. 
  • Lower your water heater temperature. Lowering your setting to 120 degrees from 140 degrees could reduce your water heating energy bill by more than 10 percent. 

Click here for more information on ways to save on your energy usage and bill during the summer.