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Evergy announces new and expanded energy efficiency programs
Programs play important role in community from preserving history at WWI Museum to new $10 million investment in income-eligible programs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Dec 12, 2019) — Recognizing the continued importance for energy efficiency and sustainability, Evergy announced approval in Missouri today of a new three-year commitment to innovative energy efficiency programs – including smart home products, business and residential rebates and an expanded $10 million investment in income-eligible energy savings offers.

“As energy-efficiency products and programs continue to evolve, Evergy strives to provide customers choices. We want customers to look to Evergy as their go-to energy solutions center,” said Chuck Caisley, Evergy’s chief customer officer. “Our experience helps us develop and deliver highly innovative and effective solutions that keep energy costs low for all customers.”

As part of the company’s current energy efficiency programs, Evergy recently partnered with the National WWI Museum and Memorial to identify cost-savings initiatives to make the chiller and air-handling system more efficient. This program also includes the Museum and Memorial previously installing an LED lighting system, which lights areas including the portrait wall and the outside of the Liberty Memorial Tower. These projects significantly reduce the facility’s overall energy consumption.

As revealed in this case study (video), the Museum and Memorial estimates the annual savings from these recent projects will be more than $25,000, in addition to the $46,000 chiller enhancement rebate, which is a part of Evergy's Business Energy Savings Program. These savings will allow the Museum and Memorial to invest in other facility improvement projects to help better preserve the history of the war for Museum and Memorial visitors.

"Energy efficiency is not only important to the museum from a cost containment perspective, but also a control perspective," said Chris Wyche, Museum and Memorial vice president of facilities operations management and technology. "The program is excellent because it's incentivizing us to make decisions that need to be made."

Projects like those at the Museum and Memorial example are possible as part of Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA). On Wednesday, the Missouri Public Service Commission approved Evergy’s request for a continuation and expansion of its energy efficiency programs in Missouri.

“Customers want more ways to manage their energy and save money. The goal for our MEEIA programs is to offer more innovative and personalized energy efficiency products that give customers more choices that are right for them,” Caisley said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to provide our customers the latest in energy efficiency products and programs while continuing our role as a leader in customer programs within the utility industry.”

Evergy was the first utility in Missouri to make a strong commitment to energy efficiency. Since 2012, Evergy has offered almost 25 energy efficiency and demand response programs to residential and business customers under MEEIA. During that time, Evergy has worked with industry leaders to offer innovative energy solutions, like the Google Nest thermostat and discounted LED light bulbs to customers. More than 270,000 residential customers and 6,000 business customers participated in the utility’s initial energy efficiency programs. In 2016, Evergy expanded its programs by offering discounts on LED light bulbs and rebates for insulation and windows, heating and cooling systems and other customer energy savings solutions.

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